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Why Plug It?

Why spend your day off struggling with a back breaking aerator when Plug It Lawn Aeration can do it for you? A typical daily aerator rental fee is $85 with tax. A number of our lawns are at or below this price. You will also save time by not having to pick up and return the machine. And don’t forget, you have to clean it too.

Locally Owned

Plug It Lawn Aeration not only is a locally owned and operated business, but we specialize in lawn aeration. By doing so, we are able to focus on our service and provide you the highest quality at the lowest price. In fact, Plug It Lawn Aeration costs 50% less than some national firms. Our prices start as low as $90! Tired of waiting for your estimate from another company? Plug It provides same day estimates.

Plug It Lawn Aeration also uses Lawn Solutions Commercial Products. Over 2/3 of the fabrication work is performed right here in Ft. Wayne helping our local economy.

Tough Equipment

Plug It Lawn Aeration uses commercial grade aeration equipment. We have recently added the Lawn Solutions Commercial Products ride on aerator that delivers over 1300 lbs of pressure over the tines to penetrate the hard clay soil. Why settle with the typical aerators those other companies use when you can have Plug It perform the job? In ideal conditions, our aerator has the ability to pull cores up to 5 inches.

These aerators are hydrostatically driven giving the operator more control and less fatigue allowing us to focus on the lawn instead of the machine. This helps Plug It deliver the high quality workmanship that makes us well known.